Choosing the right locations for your photoshoot.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Picking the right location for your photoshoot is an important component in getting a great shot. A nice backdrop or scenery kicks up the quality of the photo. It’s important not to rely on your location, unless the subject is the location.

Before one can even consider the location, a few things need to be addressed. What is the occasion or theme? Even if it’s a regular photo shoot, we need to know where you are showing these amazing photos? Let’s say you want to update your personal social media page. We now know that this is more on the casual side, so we can have a little more fun. Maybe you want to update your business social media pages. It’s important to have your brand already established before the photoshoot. It will help with choosing whether your wardrobe will be casual or business casual.

Another thing to factor in while choosing a location, do want to be inside or outside? Natural light vs artificial light. Is the location private or public? You need to know if you have permission to be on the premises or be prepared to run at any moments notice. Let's say the occasion is graduation photos with the cap and gown. You can stay in doors and stick with traditional photos with a backdrop or you can go on campus putting any school catalog to shame. Once you take the time to check the boxes it will lead you to your next great location for any occasion.

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